Incident Management and Investigation

In any organisation things don’t always go to plan. If unprepared, it can often be pure luck that determines whether an unexpected incident at work translates into a near miss or a serious accident.

Implementing effective risk control and prevention measures, and conducting regular reviews can help prepare for unexpected events in order to reduce their consequences and minimise the risk of injuries.

Health and safety investigations form an essential part of the monitoring and review process and are the first step in preventing future adverse events.

The result of incident investigations, including near misses, can tell a lot about the safety culture of a business and how things actually are in reality. They can help identify why any existing risk control measures failed and what improvements or additional measures are needed to better protect employees and the business.

msitakes are not a problem, not learning from them is

ACCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENT can help implement robust and proven accident management and investigation systems into an organisation to ensure:

  • Simple yet effective accident reporting processes to record all incidents
  • Structured and timely accident investigation methods are used
  • An effective escalation process for more serious accidents is in place
  • Root causes are identified
  • Preventative actions to be taken and by whom are identified
  • Any legal reporting requirements of RIDDOR are fulfilled
  • Analytical reports to track continual improvements in safety performance

Chris Wraith has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained in the access industry over the last 30 years and has been involved in a number of both serious and fatal MEWP related incident investigations. He has experience of implementing pro-active measures to prevent further incidents and provide management with the tools and information to drive significant improvements in safety performance.

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