Health and Safety Management

Effective health and safety management is an integral part of any good business management system and should be given equal importance and consideration alongside operational and financial sectors of the business.

Failure to meet legal responsibilities for health and safety, or the injury to a member of staff or the public can result in the company and senior management being held accountable. Depending on the severity of any failure, those responsible may be subjected to heavy fines or imprisonment where gross negligence is proven.

Note: a company cannot insure against fines issued by the court resulting from criminal actions.

ACCESS SAFETY MANAGEMENT can help ensure you have robust and proven health and safety management procedures in place, which will minimise the risk of non-compliance with regulatory requirements and reduce the risk of accidents.

By implementing simple yet effective management processes we can help build a positive safety culture to provide management with the peace of mind that they are implementing all that is reasonably practicable to protect their workforce and their business.

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